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Since our inception, Anchi Apparels envisioned the growth in the textile industry and catered to leading retailers and brands.

Founded in 1997, Anchi Apparels initially operated as a trading and manufacturing unit in Delhi, serving Asia. It subsequently expanded, achieving global standards and catering to Europe, North America, and South-East Asia.


Our mission is to offer top-tier specialty garments through a trusted supplier network. As a preferred global supplier, we strive for complete satisfaction by delivering high-quality products to diverse international and domestic buyers, ensuring meticulous quality and timely service, and fostering a mutually beneficial approach for all involved parties.


Our vision is to lead in the apparel industry by embracing values of sincerity, finesse, and care, coupled with ambitious growth and quality commitments. We aspire to world-class manufacturing, employee development, timely deliveries, and maintaining an inclusive environment, targeting 500% turnover growth and 25% garment export increase, all geared towards complete buyer satisfaction.

Our Customers

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